Welcome to The Sibling Writery! We are Cate, Alexandra, and Don McDermott: siblings, authors, and co-founders of The Sibling Writery, a family publishing business dedicated to providing family-friendly, high-quality literature. We come from a homeschooling family of voracious readers; and after years of collecting all the wholesome books we could find, we eventually began to write them as well.

Cate, the oldest of us, had always wanted to be an author, telling stories and scribbling down poems and beginnings of novels in notebooks from the time she was nine. And since everyone in the McDermott family likes to be involved in each other’s pursuits, Don and Alexandra occasionally joined her for an afternoon of story-writing.

Then, in high school, a short story writing assignment turned into a full-length historical novel for Alexandra; and Don, after planning mystery stories for years, actually sat down and not only wrote an entire book, but also established the foundation for his Freestyle Five mystery series. Cate, astonished, felt obliged to hurry up and finish her first full-length novel as well; and so, before Don and Alexandra were even out of their teens, we had three books to publish.

After over a year of research, it became clear to us that the best way for our family to publish our books would be to do it ourselves. Besides actually writing the novels, all of us are Associate Editors and critique, edit, and polish each other’s work until it is up to The Sibling Writery’s high standards. Our mother is Editor-in-Chief, and our father does some of the cover illustrations for our novels. The Sibling Writery is, indeed, an entire family affair. But even though we all belong to the same family, each of us writes in our own distinct style, as you can see by visiting our individual pages.

If you have any further questions, please email us at thesiblingwritery@hotmail.com.

Happy reading!

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