Author Profiles

So, you want to know more about the McDermott authors?

Here are a few important details that apply to all members of the trio:

Country of nationality: USA

Childhood homes: too many to count, scattered across four countries and seven U. S. states

Education: homeschooled

Country of residence: United Kingdom (because they’ve such fantastic literary heritage here!)

Mutual Interests: travel, books (obviously) and music

All right, now that you know a bit of our family background, take a look at the siblings’ individual pages and see whose literary style and personal tastes match up most closely with your own.

To read more about the eldest McDermott sibling, resident romantic and C. S. Lewis expert, click over to Cate’s page.

Or perhaps you prefer more realism, with strong human characters and a touch of serious drama (preferably in a historical setting), then you’d better get acquainted with Alexandra.*

And if you love nothing more than a good mystery, and have an uproarious sense of humour,  take a look at Don’s profile.

*If you’re a food lover, you’ll also want to direct your mouse to this link.