Don McDermott

Don McDermott 2Meet Don

Don may be the baby of the McDermott family, but don’t get the wrong idea . . . he stands an impressive six feet six inches tall and has a personality to match. If he hadn’t decided that writing and singing were the two loves of his life, he might have wound up doing stand-up comedy instead, and regularly keeps his family and friends in stitches with his witty one-liners, perfect timing and spot-on imitations of Old Hollywood actors (and actresses!). Don is a singer by profession, but always finds time to write! You can visit his personal blog here.

A bit more about Don . . .

Writing Style: humorous mystery and adventure

Other Lives: professional big band/traditional pop singer

Education: obtained a degree in Sport Journalism at the University of East London, but decided to pursue singing and writing instead

Favourite Books: Mike and Psmith by PG Wodehouse, The Hardy Boys: The Melted Coins by Leslie McFarlane, Leave It to Psmith (yes, he really likes Psmith)

Favourite Authors: P. G. Wodehouse, Leslie McFarlane (the main ghostwriter of the Hardy Boys series), James Cody Ferris (or whoever the ghostwriters who wrote under this name were–Edward Stratemeyer didn’t let many of his ghostwriters’ names get out)

Most Influential Authors: P. G. Wodehouse (you were expecting that, weren’t you?), Franklin W. Dixon (that was the pseudonym Leslie McFarlane and his fellow Hardy Boys authors wrote under), Arthur Ransome

Favourite Film: Walk, Don’t Run (Cary Grant’s final film, and proof that great men, like wine, improve with age)