Once Upon a Time Serial

Cate, the oldest of the McDermott siblings, has been publishing the serial story, Once Upon a Time, on our blog. The story follows the adventures  of the royal heiress Esther, her friends Marcus and Stella, the young King Alexander, Esther’s noble “Grandfather,” and the entire Kingdom of Tryfort and its neighbors. Read and enjoy!

The Once Upon A Time Archive:

Episode One: Grandfather’s Story
Episode Two: The Journey Begins
Episode Three: The Ambush
Episode Four: Unexpected Allies
Special Christmas Episode: A Christmas Treaty
Episode Five: The Woman Who Remembered The Mother
Episode Six: The Farm Wife’s Story
Episode Seven: Towers Ahead
Cate has also written a separate story, a retelling of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta Princess Ida, in which she and Don have both performed. Click here to read Psyche’s Tale!

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