Paddington Goes to Town

For our December “Reading and Refreshments,” we decided to read yet another Paddington book: Paddington Goes to Town, due to the emphasis on the Christmas holidays—it seemed very appropriate for this festive season. “Look,” said [Mrs. Brown], pointing ahead. “There’s the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. If we hurry we may be in time for the carols.” Mr. Brown gave a sniff. “I’ll tell you … Continue reading Paddington Goes to Town

Quote of the Month–December 2014

“The storyteller is one who comes bearing a great and lasting gift.” —Edward Eggleston A story well told is a gift that can never be lost or destroyed. So we authors are a lucky lot: we never have to worry about buying people Christmas presents! I’m only joking; we buy each other regular presents as well. Although, come to think of it, they usually are books … Continue reading Quote of the Month–December 2014