Quote of the Week–October 7th

“I love writing. I never feel really comfortable unless I am either actually writing or have a story going. I could not stop writing.” – P. G. Wodehouse Wodehouse said this at the advanced age of ninety-one (he lived a few months past his ninety-third birthday), and he was still an active and prolific writer at the time. We understand his sentiments, as none of us … Continue reading Quote of the Week–October 7th

Introducing Reading and Refreshments

Welcome to the Sibling Writery’s first “Reading and Refreshments,” a monthly event dedicated to encouraging families to read out loud together. You see, in our family, we don’t only enjoy writing together; we love reading together as well. One of us picks out a book, and then the whole family gathers to listen. Usually we three siblings will take turns reading chapters—easier on the throat—unless … Continue reading Introducing Reading and Refreshments