Once Upon a Time: Special Christmas Episode

A Christmas Treaty By Cate McDermott Esther stepped to the edge of the clearing and looked around. There was nothing particularly interesting to see, only the bare winter branches overhead and knee-high bunches of high coarse grass, of the type commonly found in swamps. Esther was quite used to these kinds of surroundings by now, after three months of living with the band of outlaws … Continue reading Once Upon a Time: Special Christmas Episode

Once Upon a Time: Episode Four

Welcome to the fourth installment of Cate’s serial Once Upon a Time! If you missed the previous posts, click here to find them. Enjoy! Unexpected Allies By Cate McDermott “Well, if that isn’t about the queerest thing I’ve ever heard,” the chief remarked thoughtfully, glancing around the circle of men gathered about the fire, as though expecting their corroboration of this sentiment. Princess Esther looked … Continue reading Once Upon a Time: Episode Four

Bernadette: Princess Under Protest

When we read Alexandra’s novel, My Home Grows, for “Reading and Refreshments” back in January, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the other siblings were clamoring for their turn. So, in the interest of fairness, we are now giving Cate’s novel, Bernadette: Princess Under Protest, its turn in the spotlight. (Don will have to wait a few more months before the Freestyle Five make … Continue reading Bernadette: Princess Under Protest