Whose Body?

For the month of March, The Sibling Writery is continuing on in the vein of thrilling, suspenseful reads for “Reading and Refreshments,” though in a somewhat different genre from last month’s spy novel, The Thiry-nine Steps. We have now moved on to Dorothy L. Sayers marvellous murder mystery series, featuring that celebrated gentleman amateur sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey! “It’s a hobby to me, you see … Continue reading Whose Body?

The 39 Steps

As February is the shortest month, we picked a fairly brief (only 150 pages) novel for this month’s Reading and Refreshments: John Buchan’s classic spy thriller, The Thirty-Nine Steps, which relates the tale of an averted German invasion just before the outbreak of World War I. And what excitement Buchan packed into those 150 pages! I think it is safe to say that this is the most spine-tingling page-turner … Continue reading The 39 Steps

Rose In Bloom

This month, Reading and Refreshments will be highlighting another one of Louisa May Alcott’s lesser-known but delightful novels: Rose in Bloom. In this sequel to her children’s novel Eight Cousins, Alcott’s heroine Rose Campbell is all grown up and returned from a tour round the world, to find herself up to her ears in complications: helping guide seven boy cousins now grown to manhood, supporting … Continue reading Rose In Bloom

Paddington Goes to Town

For our December “Reading and Refreshments,” we decided to read yet another Paddington book: Paddington Goes to Town, due to the emphasis on the Christmas holidays—it seemed very appropriate for this festive season. “Look,” said [Mrs. Brown], pointing ahead. “There’s the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. If we hurry we may be in time for the carols.” Mr. Brown gave a sniff. “I’ll tell you … Continue reading Paddington Goes to Town

The Secret of the Old Clock

Although Don is the only one of us three siblings who has written a detective series (so far, anyway), all three of us grew up reading the original Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. There’s nothing quite as much fun to read as a good mystery story, and these old classics top the list of our favourites. So naturally, one was sure to show up … Continue reading The Secret of the Old Clock