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Too Many Suspects with new wordsThe Freestyle Five: Too Many Suspects 

by Don McDermott

Fresh off a thrilling adventure in Brazil, the Freestyle Five head to England for a figure skating competition, but they’ve hardly arrived before they cross paths with an old enemy, who they had thought was safely in prison back in the United States. When the girls hear of some strange incidents leading to robberies, they immediately suspect their convict acquaintance–but as their investigations continue, they find that almost everyone they meet can be classified as a suspect! There’s the mysterious “Uncle Peter” and a Hispanic lady who seems to be spying on the girls. Monica Bradley, one of the competitors in the skating competition, is acting strangely; and then there’s Edgar Fisher, the owner of a London fish and chips shop. The list of suspects doesn’t end there, and it’s up to the Freestyle Five to figure out just who is guilty and who is innocent.




The Moneyspinner (Meet The Confessor #1)

by Alexandra McDermott

A rumour connecting Rome’s prestigious Bolla family to the Cambi gang has been reported to La Guardia di Finanza. The government, worried about possible economic repercussions if the Bollas become involved in a scandal, will not allow the publicity of a police investigation, so MaggioreSalvestro Gimondi asks an old friend, private investigator Stephen Kenward, to fly down and start a covert investigation of his own.

Stephen soon finds that the elder Bolla son is being coerced and blackmailed by the gang, but even with evidence in their hands, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has no intention of moving against the Cambi and embarrassing the Bollas. They want Stephen to leave the country. But when one of his contacts is murdered, he decides to continue pursuing the case without official permission and soon finds himself the gang’s prime target.

Fortunately, the Cambi aren’t the only ones on his trail. American nurse Cassie Donner, holidaying in Italy with her roommate, is eager to see a side of the Eternal City that not all tourists experience. After meeting Stephen in a casual social encounter, she becomes convinced that he is lying about who he is. She determines to find out what he is actually doing in Rome and begins searching for answers about this enigmatic but charming man. When her queries lead her to uncover a Cambi plot against Stephen’s life, it becomes a race to see who will reach him first.