Once Upon a Time: Episode Five

Once Upon a Time is now on its fifth installment–or sixth, if you are counting the special Christmas episode! The Woman Who Remembered The Mother By Cate McDermott Princess Esther peered cautiously around the trunk of a thick, leafless old oak tree, and then hastily ducked back behind its cover, and consulted the piece of much-worn parchment she held in her hand. “This should be … Continue reading Once Upon a Time: Episode Five

Whose Body?

For the month of March, The Sibling Writery is continuing on in the vein of thrilling, suspenseful reads for “Reading and Refreshments,” though in a somewhat different genre from last month’s spy novel, The Thiry-nine Steps. We have now moved on to Dorothy L. Sayers marvellous murder mystery series, featuring that celebrated gentleman amateur sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey! “It’s a hobby to me, you see … Continue reading Whose Body?

The 39 Steps

As February is the shortest month, we picked a fairly brief (only 150 pages) novel for this month’s Reading and Refreshments: John Buchan’s classic spy thriller, The Thirty-Nine Steps, which relates the tale of an averted German invasion just before the outbreak of World War I. And what excitement Buchan packed into those 150 pages! I think it is safe to say that this is the most spine-tingling page-turner … Continue reading The 39 Steps

Quote of the Month–February 2015

“I take great pains with my work, pruning and revising with a tireless hand. I have the welfare of my creations very much at heart. I cut them with infinite care, burnish them until they become brilliant. What many another writer would be content to leave in massive proportions, I polish into a tiny gem.” – Ernest Hemingway The initial act of writing is only … Continue reading Quote of the Month–February 2015