Once Upon A Time: Episode Seven

Welcome to the final episode of Once Upon a Time that is to be posted on this blog. Esther’s adventures in Tryfort have proven to be far too many and complex to continue to treat them in so desultory a manner; and accordingly, Cate has decided to record, complete, and present them all in book form, to come out sometime next year. In the meantime, … Continue reading Once Upon A Time: Episode Seven

Once Upon a Time: Episode Five

Once Upon a Time is now on its fifth installment–or sixth, if you are counting the special Christmas episode! The Woman Who Remembered The Mother By Cate McDermott Princess Esther peered cautiously around the trunk of a thick, leafless old oak tree, and then hastily ducked back behind its cover, and consulted the piece of much-worn parchment she held in her hand. “This should be … Continue reading Once Upon a Time: Episode Five

The Willoughby Captains

For April’s “Reading and Refreshments,” we have been reading The Willoughby Captains, a school story by the British Victorian-era author Talbot Baines Reed. Reed wrote a number of novels about schoolboys, but The Willoughby Captains gives perhaps the most comprehensive view of the everyday pursuits, strenuous rivalries, and celebrated accomplishments of the boys’ school of his day: from fagging to field days; from classes to … Continue reading The Willoughby Captains

Also Available on Amazon!

All three of the Sibling Writery’s published novels–Bernadette: Princess Under Protest, My Home Grows, and The Freestyle Five of the Fairview Ice Arena–are availble now through Amazon.com. There you can use the “Look Inside!” feature to preview the stories before you buy them, write reviews after you have read them, and utilize all the rest of the helpful features Amazon provides. So have a look! Continue reading Also Available on Amazon!