Once Upon a Time: Episode Six

The Farm Wife’s Story By Cate McDermott  “I can remember every detail of her face, poor soul, though it was so many years ago.” The farm wife with whom Princess Esther had taken refuge returned to her place by the fire, smiling kindly down at Esther. “Very slender and elegant she was, too, even in her worn garments. In that, too, she was similar to … Continue reading Once Upon a Time: Episode Six

Once Upon a Time: Episode Five

Once Upon a Time is now on its fifth installment–or sixth, if you are counting the special Christmas episode! The Woman Who Remembered The Mother By Cate McDermott Princess Esther peered cautiously around the trunk of a thick, leafless old oak tree, and then hastily ducked back behind its cover, and consulted the piece of much-worn parchment she held in her hand. “This should be … Continue reading Once Upon a Time: Episode Five

Down to the Bonny Glen

This month we decided to highlight the “Little House” books on “Reading and Refreshments.” Laura Ingalls Wilder’s tales of frontier life are perfect stories for families to read out loud together: however, we chose to delve further into the extended “Little House” collection, and go back to the lifetime of Laura’s great-grandmother Martha Morse, who was the youngest daughter of a laird in the Scottish … Continue reading Down to the Bonny Glen

A Bear Called Paddington

Our “Reading and Refreshments” choice for October is Michael Bond’s A Bear Called Paddington. It is the first volume of a long series of amusing tales that Bond wrote about this unpredictable bear and the Brown family that adopts him after his emigration from “Darkest Peru” to Great Britain. Paddington’s adventures provoke laughter from all ages, making them ideal for reading with the family. And … Continue reading A Bear Called Paddington

Also Available on Amazon!

All three of the Sibling Writery’s published novels–Bernadette: Princess Under Protest, My Home Grows, and The Freestyle Five of the Fairview Ice Arena–are availble now through Amazon.com. There you can use the “Look Inside!” feature to preview the stories before you buy them, write reviews after you have read them, and utilize all the rest of the helpful features Amazon provides. So have a look! Continue reading Also Available on Amazon!