Quote of the Week–October 7th

“I love writing. I never feel really comfortable unless I am either actually writing or have a story going. I could not stop writing.” – P. G. Wodehouse Wodehouse said this at the advanced age of ninety-one (he lived a few months past his ninety-third birthday), and he was still an active and prolific writer at the time. We understand his sentiments, as none of us … Continue reading Quote of the Week–October 7th

Also Available on Amazon!

All three of the Sibling Writery’s published novels–Bernadette: Princess Under Protest, My Home Grows, and The Freestyle Five of the Fairview Ice Arena–are availble now through Amazon.com. There you can use the “Look Inside!” feature to preview the stories before you buy them, write reviews after you have read them, and utilize all the rest of the helpful features Amazon provides. So have a look! Continue reading Also Available on Amazon!

Upcoming Events

For those of you who prefer to buy books the old-fashioned way; that is, off the shelf, we have good news! My Home Grows, Bernadette: Princess Under Protest, and The Freestyle Five of the Fairview Ice Arena will shortly be available in regular bookstores. As Director of Marketing, Cate is making the necessary connections with distributors for brick-and-mortar channels, so keep a lookout for The Sibling … Continue reading Upcoming Events