Down to the Bonny Glen

This month we decided to highlight the “Little House” books on “Reading and Refreshments.” Laura Ingalls Wilder’s tales of frontier life are perfect stories for families to read out loud together: however, we chose to delve further into the extended “Little House” collection, and go back to the lifetime of Laura’s great-grandmother Martha Morse, who was the youngest daughter of a laird in the Scottish … Continue reading Down to the Bonny Glen

Quote of the Week–October 21st

“Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality.” – Beatrix Potter We are all convinced that being homeschooled was very important in developing our own writing styles and voices. We never had English teachers to tell us how we ought to think about books, or peers to tell us which ones we should like. We read and write purely the kind … Continue reading Quote of the Week–October 21st

A Bear Called Paddington

Our “Reading and Refreshments” choice for October is Michael Bond’s A Bear Called Paddington. It is the first volume of a long series of amusing tales that Bond wrote about this unpredictable bear and the Brown family that adopts him after his emigration from “Darkest Peru” to Great Britain. Paddington’s adventures provoke laughter from all ages, making them ideal for reading with the family. And … Continue reading A Bear Called Paddington

Quote of the Week–September 30th

“Writing a book is an adventure.”  – Winston Churchill Anyone who loves books knows that reading one is an adventure. Writing them is an even greater adventure–the author can’t skip ahead to find out what happens. Of course, writers can plan what they think is going to happen, but characters don’t always do what they’re told. Continue reading Quote of the Week–September 30th