Social Media Update!

Good news, all you Instagrammers! The Sibling Writery is now active on Instagram, and you can follow us at @sibling_writery_official! Remember that we are also on Facebook, and you can like our page here.

We’ll be posting quotes from our novels, some mouth-watering photos from Alexandra’s cookbook, and you may even get to see some artistic shots of the four typewriters that we own (current score: Alexandra 3 – 1 Don).

On the down side, we are no longer on Twitter, because Don (who runs our blog and social media) also has his main career as a singer to think of, and he feels that trying to run two Facebook pages, two Instagrams and two blogs is quite enough for one man, even one as incredible as he is.

So please do follow and like our pages, and we will hopefully have some great content for you here on our blog as well. Stay safe out there everyone, and keep smiling!


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